Toyota prius specifications and features: The perfect mileage car

Toyota prius milage car

This must be one of the best Toyota’s effective car but with some unimaginable changes. Yes, Toyota compromised on many features of prius. Starting from the power to the trunk space everything was compromised. Toyota has launched the best fuel efficient and comfortable seating car. This is new version of prius Toyota.

The new prius is one of the leading cars of Toyota. The sales of prius have reached to peaks after it was successfully tested for a good mileage. The new Toyota prius can give 22km of mileage per liter. This is one of the best mileages given cars and there are very few cars in the automobile market which delivers a good mileage and also has a stylish design. Prius is surely one of it as it has got a good stylish look and also gives great mileage.

If you are looking for a fuel efficient car with good design then Toyota prius is for you. The other cars in the automobile industry will be either fuel efficient or good looking but there is no car with combined aspects. Prius has this advantage in a great way as it has both of it. The seating and the driver experience is really awesome. The prius is just like a hybrid car.

Toyota prius 2017

The Toyota prius tech is powered with 1.8 liter four cylinder engine. It has a 60KW electric motor which delivers 121hp. The main feature of Toyota prius is it’s mileage of 100km for just 4.4 liters. This was successfully tested and has proved that Toyota prius can reach 100km for just 4.4liters which is really impossible by any other car on the road.

Another amazing feature about Toyota prius tech is a continually variable transmission (CVT). A CVT is an automatic transmission gearbox which can automatically shits the gears. The CVT can shift to the gears according to the speed. This CVT is much advanced than the automatic gear system of other cars. This is not it! There’s more features about Toyota prius.

Toyota prius price

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The updated Toyota prius is enabled with wireless charging technology which is one of the special features about the prius. It also got automatic LED lights, start/stop button and a backup camera. This new Toyota prius will be available for $29,690.

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