Toyota Land Cruiser Invincible X is out: Features and price

Toyota Land Cruiser Invincible X

Toyota Land Cruiser Invincible X is getting ready to beat its own predecessor Fortuner. This new invincible X is already launched in UK. The Land Cruiser has got many stylish features and amazing designs. After Volkswagen beating Toyota for best car manufacturer position, Toyota is trying hard to get back to its number one position. After this buzz, Land Cruiser invincible is the first car that Toyota is releasing.

This new Toyota invisible X is available with a spacious 7-seater. It has got a massive 18 inch black alloy wheels and this new Toyota land cruiser is a SUV based. It looks like Toyota is still in love with SUV cars. It is powered by 2.8 liter D-4D turbo charged diesel version. It produces 177hp with 6-speed manual transmission. The Toyota land cruiser invincible X will be released in two colors, a dark black and a classic white colors.

Toyota Land Cruiser Invincible 2017

Toyota Land cruiser has many safety features for the driver and passengers which provides great safety measurements. It contains rear cross traffic alert, pre-collision system, blind spot monitor and an adaptive cruise control. But this car is much advanced SUV model from its previous SUV’s like Innova and fortuner. This land cruiser is not available in petrol version as of now; it is released only in diesel version. Toyota may introduce a petrol version later but the chances are few.

2017 Toyota Land Cruiser Invincible X

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In the Land cruiser invincible X, seven people can sit comfortably with spacious leg room. The car has stylish designs with a classic look and is surely a tough challenger of SUV based cars of other companies. The price of this new Land Cruiser will be around Rs 50 lakh. However this latest Toyota land cruiser is only released in UK. The launch of this new beast in other country markets will be announced soon by Toyota. It will soon schedule the launch of this new car in all over the world.

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