The top 5 horror movies you should never watch alone

best horror movies

There’s a difference in watching a normal movie and a horror movie. There are number of horror movies which are either a Psycho or a ghost movie. But people may not get afraid of normal movies but they will surely get afraid of horror movies. After all that was the intention of the directors who makes an good horror movie to make the viewer’s scream. Here are some of the movies which you should never watch alone as they are too creepy which makes you scarier like never before. So it is better if you don’t watch these movies alone as few people already died when they were challenged to watch alone. Watch the below horror movies alone only if you got enough guts and dare to watch.

Movie #1 

best horrer movies to watch

The Devils backbone was released in 2001. It is a horror film directed by Guillermo Del Toro. This was one of the best horror films in the year 2001. It collected over $6.5 million as it was made with a budget of $4 million. This movie was the best film directed by Guillermo Del Toro which is an horror and an emotional movie. This movie was made with the background of Spanish civil war.

Movie #2

The Others

best horror movie to watch

“The Others” is a horror movie directed by Alejandro Amenebar. This movie got Goya award for best film in 2002. This is a great horror movie when Grace with her two children moves into a new house but sooner she founds that the house is haunted by the ghosts. This horror movie got good collections that it crossed more than $210 million. This movie is completely a psychological horror movie by Alejandro.

Movie #3

The Conjuring

best horror movies to watch

Well, I think there is no need of explanation about this movie. The name itself describes the best horror movie ever made. There are three parts in the conjuring series, however the first part conjuring was released in the year 2013. The Conjuring is directed by James wan with a good story and screenplay. He challenge that if someone watches this movie in theatre alone then he would give a reward. Some people tried and also died in theatre by getting scared. This movie collected $318 million in the box office. This movie runs on the theme of a spirit living in a haunted house which tries to kill a family. There are two more parts in the conjuring series, conjuring two and conjuring 3. The other parts were also a lot scarier and got super hit.

Movie #4

The Sixth Sense

best horror movies

This movie is one of the greatest ever thriller movies of all time. This movie was released back in 1999 and collected a whopping $673 million in the box office. This movie is one of the highest grossing horror movies. Just imagine how thrilling the movie, that it collected $673 million in 1999 only. This movie was directed by M. Night Shyamalan with a great screenplay. This movie is a bit different and new from other horror movies as it is a thinking person’s thriller movie.  This movie shows the story of Cole Sear, Bruce Willis also played a crucial role in the movie.

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Movie #5

The Ring

top horror movies to watch

The Ring is a Japanese horror movie released in 1998. This is the best horror movie in the past years that it scared the people to death. This movie was directed by Hideo Nakata with a great plot. In this movie teens gets killed more often by a video tape.  When investigators try to investigate the mystery behind the series deaths, eventually their son becomes the victim of the ghost. This truly is an amazing horror movie as it collected 1 billion JPY. The collections at box office itself prove how good the movie was. But I suggest not watching this movie alone, watch it only if you have enough guts and dare.


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