Top 5 easy and simple breakfasts which are healthy

In the current busy life people are not even having time to prepare breakfast. You might be in a hurry to go to office, college or anywhere and there is no time available for making breakfast. Many people skip their breakfast which is a major mistake and leads to many health problems. The main reason for skipping breakfast is people don’t have enough time to prepare it.

However we have brought you the best and simple breakfasts. These breakfasts are healthier and also easy to make. People who don’t have much time to prepare a breakfast they can have these healthy breakfasts which can be made within just few minutes. Checkout few breakfasts which is healthy and take less time to prepare them.

Peanut butter and Banana smoothie

healthy breakfast

Peanut butter and banana are great sources of energy which can keep you active for whole day. Make a juice of banana by adding two spoons of peanut butter to it. You can consider this as a breakfast which is healthier and keeps you stomach full for a long time.

Quinoa fruit salad

healthy brakfast for gym

Boil a cup of quinoa and add berries, apple slices and cherries. Make it as a salad and have it in early morning as a breakfast. This salad will help you in getting over a dozen proteins and fibers.

Oat meal and egg

healthy breakfast

Oat meal will make your breakfast complete and full. Boil oats and mix it with your favorite fruits. You can also add an omelet to it. This is really a healthy breakfast to have and easy to make.

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Whole wheat bread and banana:

get white teeth whit simple tip

Want to have something healthy and energetic breakfast? Then take a wheat bread and toast it. After toasting add peanut butter to it. Now place fresh banana slices on it and eat it as a breakfast. It is tastier and healthier too.

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