Top 10 Highest paid WWE superstars in 2017, who’s at first?

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WWE is one of the leading sports entertainers and it has got massive following globally. There is no country that WWE fever hasn’t touched. It’s been many decades since the wrestling sport has begun. World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is mainly organized in United States but still it has got good audience in worldwide. WWE is the famous wrestling show and it has special spot in television shows.

WWE has two episodes: RAW and Smackdown. Both the shows will be aired on every week and its fans are growing day by day. There are millions of fans who are following WWE from their childhood including me! WWE has got some talented and professional wrestlers who shed blood and sweat to entertain the people. WWE superstars are famous globally and they immense following around the world.

WWE management earns millions of Dollars with this sport and it is possible only with WWE superstars. Without these superstars there is no WWE and it pays them hefty amount than your imaginations. Well, the wrestlers of WWE will be paid salaries and they are also employees too just like us! Here are the top 10 wrestlers who were paid highest salaries in the year 2017.

  1. Brock Lesnar

The beast Brock Lesnar is the most powerful and vicious wrestler in WWE. He is the first ever wrestler to defeat Undertaker in a main event. Brock Lesnar appearance in WWE will create Goosebumps in the audience and WWE fans love it when Brock appears on the stage. He is the highest paid WWE superstar with $12million dollars.

  1. John Cena

John cena was the face of WWE for almost a decade and when there’s no one who could maintain the fame and charisma of WWE, John Cena alone managed it. Everyone knows how important John Cena to WWE and he is the famous wrestler and known to almost every part in the world. This famous wrestler is paid $8 million dollars.

  1. Triple H

Triple H has been with WWE for quite some time and he is the husband of Stephanie MCmohan. Triple H is now taking care of WWE’s business. He is still a WWE superstar as recently he brawled with Seth Rollins. Triple H is paid $3.8 million dollars.

  1. Roman reigns

After John Cena, Roman Reigns became the face of WWE and he is the most powerful and important WWE superstar. The big dog has some crucial and great rile in WWE and he paid higher than his SHIELD brothers, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. Roman is paid $3.5 Million dollars.

  1. Dean Ambrose

The lunatic French who was once a member of SHIELD has got good craze. Dean Ambrose is paid $2.7 million higher than his SHIELD mate, Seth Rollins.

  1. AJ Styles

AJ Styles is going in a fast pace in WWE and in no time he became WWE superstar and one of the leading WWE superstars. AJ Styles is paid $2.4 Million.

  1. Shane MCMahon

Shane McMahon is the son of Vince MCMahon and he made an awesome comeback by competing against Undertaker but unfortunately he lost the match. Recently he even brawled with AJ Styles. Shane MCmahon is also paid for the year 2017 and he gets $2.2 Million.

  1. Under Taker

The streak of WWE and the dead man Under taker is been part of WWE for almost three decades. Undertaker is the legend in WWE history and recently Under taker got retired from WWE after losing to Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania. He was paid $2 million.

  1. Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins is the new and young wrestler in WWE who came as one of the SHIELD member. Later after the SHIELD team got broke up he became even more famous with the support of WWE authority. He was paid $2 million too.

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  1. Randy Orton

The viper Randy Orton is been in WWE for quite a while and he is still the best wrestler in WWE. He was paid $1.9 million dollars per year.

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