Times Now calls Kerala as Pakistan, gets banned

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The famous and one of the top news channels in India has made a blunder mistake or you can also call it as arrogance. Times Now news channel literally called Kerala as Pakistan. The channel mentioned “Shah heads to thundery Pakistan! In no time, this has become controversy and went viral in less than seconds. Many Malayali people were angered on the news channel.

However, this is not a mistake or an accidental typing error as the news reporters have minimum knowledge that in no way Kerala is related to Pakistan. The news channel has woken up after few hours got ashamed with its act and Times Now regrets the mistake it has done while reporting news on June 2nd.

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But the people will not leave this incident that easily. Not only people of Kerala but also other states people also showed their anger on the national media house. Kerala is a part of India and it has nothing to do with Pakistan. A Malayali writer has sought action against the news channel. Finally, Times now was banned in Kerala. However, this is really disgrace for such a huge channel for calling an Indian state as Pakistan.

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However, there were no details on the reasons for calling Kerala as Pakistan. No one knows why Times Now made such bold statements. This has opened the eyes of remaining media channels to stay alert and aware on what it is reporting.

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