The three minute video of Jack Ma the founder of Alibaba will motivate you like never before…

jack ma motivation

If you want to get motivational about your career or business, you better watch the three minute video of Jack Ma. This three minute video is going viral in social media which was taken in an interview of Jack Ma. Jack Ma has seen many failures in his life before he founded Alibaba E-commerce website. This clip was last shared on December 2015 by World Economic Forum (WEF) which was watched by over 17.5 million people.

Jack Ma says that he faced many troubles in his life but never gave up on his dreams. Jack Ma was rejected when he applied for Harvard University. Later when the Fast Food Giant KFC entered China, Jack Ma also applied for a job. A total of 24 members’ attended the interview and out of 24 people, 23 got selected and one person was rejected. It is non-other than Jack Ma.

In the interview, Jack Ma also stated about gender equality. In Alibaba’s success, women play a key role as majority of the employees in Alibaba were women. Jack Ma was 32nd billionaire in the world in 2016 and second richest person in China. Watch the video if you want to know how Jack Ma entered in the list of Global Game Changers in 2016.


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