Things which WWE has hid from Monday night RAW

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WWE is one of the popular sports entertainments around the world. WWE has great number of viewers worldwide and on Monday night RAW few things have occurred which WWE has hid from the viewers. WWE super stars have collided and came face off with their opponents in Royal Rumble next Sunday. WWE superstar Goldberg appeared on Monday Night Raw and addressed the audience regarding his opportunities in the Royal Rumble.  But when he was entering the ring from all the way from his room he was seen bleeding. Goldberg repeatedly wiped off the blood from his forehead. What actually happened to Goldberg before Monday night RAW? Why is he bleeding so badly?

According to few sources Goldberg was injured recently and he got a small injury on his forehead which is why he was bleeding in the entire event of RAW. However the beast Brock Lesnar and the Undertaker also appeared on the stage with Goldberg. The three WWE superstars were so close for a bull fight just before the main event Royal Rumble. But when the three superstars were in the ring the show was ended. So did they just walk off? Or any Incident has happened on the backstage when RAW went off the air?

Another thing which WWE is hiding from the viewers is Seth Rollins and Paul Lévesque Triple H. What actually Triple H is trying to do in RAW? Triple H is continuously going after Seth Rollins. Few weeks ago Triple H helped Kevin Owens to win the WWE universal champion against Seth Rollins and now he helped Sami Zyan when Seth Rollins had a great opportunity on taking on Sami Zyan. Triple H’s entrance song was played to distract Seth Rollins and sami zyan has cashed the opportunity. What exactly Triple H is trying to do for Seth Rollins?

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