Things to know about Ramanujan on National Mathematics day


Today National Mathematics day is being celebrated on the occasion of Srinavasa Ramanujan’s birthday. Ramanujan is truly a genius in mathematics and he has vast experience and knowledge in mathematics. His passion towards mathematics led for the contributions for number theory, mathematical analysis, continued fractions and infinite series.

Ramanujan was born in December 22nd 1887 in Eroad village which is located in Tamilnadu. In his childhood, Ramanujan has a great love for mathematics. Ramanujan use to solve very hard problems in fraction of seconds and his teachers use to get shocked by seeing Ramanujan’s talent in mathematics. Ramanujan use to spend day and night by solving and creating theorems.

Ramanujan is a genius in mathematics but poor in other subjects. Lack of knowledge in English made him to fail in other subjects and cost him his scholarship in university.


Ramanujan was born in a poor Brahmin family which made him to join for a job in Madras port trust for a clerk post. Even while doing his job Ramanujan use to think about mathematics all the time. Ramanujan learned English when he was doing job and this made him to start his journey towards higher studies.


Ramanujan’s house in Eroad, Tamilnadu.

Ramanujan sent a new unique theorem and all his works to the famous mathematician at his time G.H. Hardy. Hardy was delighted by ramanujan’s work and replied back to him. Hardy helped Ramanujan for joining in Cambridge University.

Ramanujan has spent a simple life; he walked bare footedly on the roads of London. Ramanujan has a developed good friendship with Hardy. They both solved many mathematical problems together.

But Ramanujan didn’t get habituated to the climatic conditions in London which made him ill. Hardy admitted him in hospital and on the way to the hospital a taxi passed by them with a number plate of 1729. Ramanujan said to Hardy that there is a special with that number.

1729=10³ + 9³ and 1729=12³ + 1³

1729 is the only number which can be added by two cubes in two different ways. Hardy was shocked that Ramanujan figured this out in a few seconds. This again proved how genius he was in mathematics.

Ramanujan returned back to India as he was sick. After returning back to India he was diseased by tuberculosis and he passed away with in one year after returning from London. Ramanujan died at very young age of 32. But still we are using the theorems developed by Ramanujan.


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