Things to know about Dr Vikram Sarabhai on his death aniversary: The Father of ISRO

The Father of ISRO

Dr Vikram Sarabhai is known as father of Indian space program and the co-founder of Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). He contributed a lot for the development of ISRO. Vikram Sarabhai was born on August 1919 in Gujarat. His father Ambalal is a famous businessman in Gujarat who owns a number of mills. Vikram Sarabhai did his graduation in college of Ahmedabad and then went to London for higher studies at Cambridge University.

After finishing his studies in London, he came back to India just a month after India got Independence. With the help of his family and close friends he started a Research Laboratory in Gujarat. He continued his work by researching on cosmic rays in the Indian Institute of science. The great scientist of India Sir C.V. Raman, the Noble prize winner has given his guidance for Vikram Sarabhai. Vikram Sarabhai founded many Institutions and contributed his efforts in development of various Research centers in various fields. Vikram Sarabhai was once the chairman of Atomic Energy Commission. Vikram Sarabhai after many efforts helped India to stand amongst the greatest nations in the field of Space research.

The first Indian satellite Aryabhata was successfully launched in to the orbit with the hard work of Vikram Sarabhai. This satellite was launched from Russian cosmodrome. Vikram Sarabhai established the first rocket launching station in India. Dr Vikram Sarabhai has founded many famous Institutions in India. The Institutions started by Vikram Sarabhai are being a great use and help for the current generation for various research and development purposes.

Vikram Sarabhai

All the success and milestones achieved by ISRO was because of Vikram Sarabhai establishing Indian Space program. Because of his hard work and countless efforts towards the country, the nation awarded him with Padma Bushan award. Vikram Sarabhai has been passed away in 1971 at the age of 52. After one year of death of Vikram Sarabhai, he was given Padma Vibushan in 1972.

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