Theatre owners wrote letters to Amir Khan, why? : And this is how Amir Khan looks after Dangal


Dangal which was released at the end of the year 2016 has shaked the Indian box office. Dangal movie collected a record collections in the first week of the release itself. Dangal is a great movie which runs on the wrestling background. Amir khan has struggled a lot to get in to shape from fat to fit. He has taken a severe training for workouts and this shows his commitment towards movie. All his efforts made Dangal a successful hit in the Indian Film Industry.

Dangal Movie was released after the demonitization in the country which banned all the 500 and 1000 rupee notes. Due to demonitization many businesses were slow down and has no proper business. The theatre owners has no audience to watch movies in the theater. But Amir Khan bravely releaed the movie during the bad days of people where people are lack of money. The theaters were empty before the Dangal movie release but amazingly people turned out to watch the Dangal movie and got a huge response.

The theatres have got back in to the business and are running successfully with good collections. This is why the theatre owners thank Amir Khan for his tremoundous movie which helped them to get back in to the business. Amir Khan felt very happy and emotional after reading the letters from the theatre owners . The Dangal movie collected Rs 524 crore till now and still running successfully running in the theatres.

For Dangal movie, Amir Khan has increased a lot of fat in his body and again struggled a lot to get fit. He increased lot of weight before and got very fit with muscular body. But this didn’t happened that easily as he faced many problems. And now the movie shooting was finished and he got back again to normal physique. This is how Amir Khan looks now.

Amir Khan

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