Terahertz technology to make data transfer 10 times faster than 5G

Terahertz technology

Researchers have achieved a great milestone in digital data transmission. They have developed a transmitter called terahertz which can transfer data files 10 times faster than 5G. This great technology could be available by 2020 as still many countries are using 4G and 5G network speeds. This is a big achievement for the researchers and this will make people to transfer their digital files in just seconds.

This new terahertz transmitter can transfer the entire DVD data in just a second. Isn’t it cool? We are not talking about speed, but its ultra-speed. This new research will be submitted and showcased at the International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC) in California, United States. This ultimate transmitter will be of great use in future to transfer data and for high speed wireless communications.

Terahertz technology

The terahertz can also link to satellites as all the satellite communications are wireless. The world can experience the fast download of content through internet. All type of wireless communications can be done through this amazing terahertz transmitter including the flight control. This research was carried out in Hiroshima University Japan.

This transmitter can achieve 105 gigabits in just one second by using the frequency range starting from 290GHz to 315GHz. previously the same team developed a speed of 300GHz by using the quadrature amplitude modulation technology and now they have developed six time better data rate by achieving 100 gigabits in just one second. This is a world record and no one has achieved this before.

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In the present world we talk about megabits per second and think about gigabits per second but now we will experience tetrabits per second and this can be possible in the near future. The National Institute of Information and Communications Technology in Japan will partner with Panasonic Corporation to build 300GHZ wireless circuits. So get ready to experience super-fast downloads in future. You can download number of movies in just seconds.

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