Telugu news channel TV9 for sale, price & Reasons

Tv9 for sale

Tv9 is one of the most famous and popular news channel in Telugu and in few other languages as well. TV9 has emerged as top news channel and millions of people in Telugu states watch news in TV9. The famous media house covers wide range of news and everyone in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh knows about TV9. The news channel is known to almost everyone.

Now, TV9 is kept for sale. This might be shocking but it’s true! TV9 was started over a couple of years ago and in very short time, TV9 emerged as one of the top most news channel. TV9 news channel worth could be around Rs 800 crores to Rs 1000 crores. Srini Raju holds 80% share in TV9 while Ravi Prakash and few others has the remaining stakes.

After the valuation of TV9 assets the final price will be out and many top businessman and big companies has shown their interest in buying TV9. We all know that Maa TV was purchased by Star TV and it became star Maa. However, an official confirmation from TV9 management should be coming in a couple of days. Many people are eagerly waiting to know who buys TV9 news channel.

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Will the channel name and logo gets changed? Is TV9 really kept for sale? Stay tuned to for updates on TV9.

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