Team India will play ICC Champions Trophy, BCCI to announce team

Champions Trophy 2017

Finally the confusion and all the buzz is broken about team India playing ICC champions trophy. BCCI was anger on International Cricket Council (ICC) as it has changes the Big-3 model which made a hefty loss to BCCI’s revenue. BCCI thought to show its ego and power by not sending team for ICC champions trophy. All other cricket boards have announced the teams playing in ICC champions trophy except BCCI.

We all know that ICC and all other cricket boards opposed BCCI and now the mighty cricket board is all alone and it is not even having right to oppose the ICC’s decision as BCCI is now controlled by Committee  of Administrators (CoA) which was appointed by Supreme Court. CoA stated that “we wouldn’t allow BCCI to take decisions which would affect Indian cricket badly”.

CoA ordered BCCI to announce team for ICC champions trophy “immediately” and if BCCI doesn’t announce team then it would face severe consequences from CoA. BCCI is forcibly following the orders of CoA as ordered by Supreme Court. There is a hot issue going on between ICC and BCCI for Big-3 model as BCCI wanted more funds from ICC as BCCI is the main source of revenue for ICC.

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BCCI is the world’s richest cricket board but now it lost its power in the world cricket. However it is not yet known what BCCI and ICC decided about the fund sharing. ICC earlier came up with a proposal to give $ 100 million dollars more for BCCI than other cricket boards.

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