Tamil Hero Prashanth divorced his wife: Reason will shock you

Hero Prashanth

Tamil Hero Prashanth has divorced his wife Gruhalakshmi. Prashanth is known for his cool attire and he is a descent good boy in Tamil film industry. In many films he played as innocent good boy. Prashanth is good in both reel life and real life too. Prashanth married Gruhalakshmi in the year 2005 but unfortunately after 12 years of relationship, the couple has got separated.

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According to few reports, Gruhalakshmi has a love affair before marrying Prashanth. But Prashanth didn’t know this at that time. Gruhalakshmi continued love affair with her lover even after the marriage with Prashanth. From many years, she is continuing with two partners. But at last Prashanth came to know that his wife is cheating on him.

Tamil Hero Prashanth divorced his wife: Reason will shock you

The actor applied for divorce and the court has issued divorce easily without any objections. But Gruhalakshmi didn’t wanted divorce and she even went to higher court for appealing against prashanth’s divorce. Interestingly even the higher court didn’t objected prashanth’s arguments and agreed with him.

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Prashanth has won the case even in the higher court and the court granted divorce. This is really a sad story as Prashanth was cheated for 12 long years by her wife. However there was no news on the lover of Gruhalakshmi but not Prashanth is free from a cheating wife.

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