Tamannah lost in Bahubali 2: The Conclusion

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Bahubali 2 is the much awaited movie since two years after the release of Bahubali: The Beginning. However Tamannah played a crucial role in part one of Bahubali and she got more screen appearance than Anushka (Devasena). But when it comes to Bahubali 2, all the focus went to Prabhas and Anushka. There was no news or buzz on Tamannah’s role in Bahubali 2.

Tamannah who is playing the role of Avanthika and she paired with young Bahubali (Shivudu). Tamannah stated that she didn’t get much publicity and focus for Bahubali 2: The conclusion. For Bahubali 2, almost all the characters got good publicity starting from Prabhas to Satya raj (Katappa). The answer will be known in a short while for ‘why katappa killed Bahubali’?

Tamannah expected good popularity and craze with Bahubali 2 but all her expectations went wrong. Recently there were few rumors that Tamannah is boycotting all the promotions and events of Bahubali 2. The reason for this is, Rajamouli trimmed few scenes of Tamannah without her concern or knowledge.

This is the reason Tamannah stayed away from all the Bahubali promotions. Now the main spotlight is on Anushka than Tamannah. However in first part of Bahubali, Tamannah got more prominence than Anushka and in the second part Anushka would get more prominence than Tamannah. However the buzz is that Tamannah is not having any offers in her kitty from Tollywood or Bollywood.

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She expected that Bahubali  2 would give a boost for her career by bringing in more chances in new films. But she is ‘lost’ in the storm of Bahubali 2 and now she is planning for her own publicity by herself. However the journey of Bahubali is now over and all the leading actors have gone in their own parts. Ballala deva (Rana) acted in Ghaji which was a super hit film and now he is also looking forward to act in a Russian film. Prabhas is acting in Saaho and its first look teaser is rocking over internet and soon prabhas might get married too.


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