T-MOBIlE will now delivers 1 Gbps download speed on its networks

1 Gbps download speed

The network provider T-MOBILE will now deliver 1Gbps download speed on its network. T-MOBILE breaks through all the odds and reached its highest download speed ever. T-MOBILE’s competitor Verizon has reached 1 Gbps earlier.  Now even T-MOBILE also reached almost 1 Gbps on a 4G network. T-MOBILE has now climbed a step ahead and this is really a milestone for T-MOBILE.

T-MOBILE claimed that it has reached 1 Gbps download speed and it also showed a video for speed test at its lab. After many efforts, T-MOBILE has combined speed boosting technologies which were 4×4 MIMO, carrier aggregation and 256 QAM. This speed test was done on a mobile device which is not yet released in the market. This speed download test reached almost 978Mbps which is unbelievable. But everyone is so anxious that in which device these speed boosting technologies will work on, as they won’t function on all devices.

T-MOBILE stated that the 4G LTE devices which can support these technologies can experience a great download speed they’ve ever imagined it would possible. In future T-MOBILE would deliver 1Gbps speed for their customer which is un-imaginable by anyone. Just imagine number of movies getting downloaded in just minutes. This is really a breakthrough in Internet world.

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T-MOBILE network

T-MOBILE is also planning for 5G network in the near future. T-MOBILE has committed that it would provide 5G network as soon as possible in the future. T-MOBILE stated that it covers 314 million people in United States. Finally T-MOBILE has stepped into 2017 with a great step but it still has some problems regarding Music and video streaming. T-MOBILE has zero rating for its poor Music and Video streaming features.

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