Super Mario is back like a king


Super Mario is our favorite game in childhood and it was played in play stations few years back. And now it is going to release in mobile phones. However there are many Mario games in play store but they all are not the original Mario games. They are only developed on the concept of Super Mario.

Super Mario game is widely played across the world. Mario game was developed by Nintendo. Now the original Mario game is going to be released. Nintendo has released this amazing Mario game in USA on the name of “Super Mario Run”.

However this game is released in USA which is available only in iPhones. It will be available in India in 2017. But whether the game will be released even in Android devices is yet to known.


A whooping of 28 lakhs downloads has been done only on the first day of its release itself. Super Mario Run has broken the past record of “Pokemon” Go which has 9 lakhs downloads on the first day.

Pokemon Go is also released by the same company Nintendo which is now releasing Super Mario Run.

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