Sudden weather change makes people sick, why? : Reasons & Suggestions

weather change problems

Many people face various health problems due to weather change and it’s known to all. But why we are getting affected when the weather was changed? Do we need to change whenever the weather changes? This has been a big question in many people’s mind and you too are one of them. Well there are few theories of people getting sick when weather changes, people usually think that it is because of the hot climate or cold climate.

But hot or cold, temperature doesn’t matter and it is not the main reason for getting sick. The actual reason is, we get sick when we are infected with bacteria and it gets more powerful when whether is changing. This change in the climate generates a kind of flu among the people and it spreads virally and rapidly. It all depends on our body strength; if you are strong enough then you can withstand the weather change and in case if you are not then you will end up pretty bad in the seasonal change.

There are lot of myths and reasons why people are getting affected during the climate shift and there is lot of interesting reasons you should know. What would you do when the weather is cold? You might probably stick in your house by playing indoor games or staying in your room. This way you won’t get any chance of getting fresh air and you may be infected with germs. Suppose let us assume that weather turned from cold to hot, what would you do? You might just chill at outside parks and would play outdoor games which makes you contact with external elements and may get allergies.

Prevention is better than cure

Once if you get affected by flu during the climate change then you can’t get rid of flu that easily but instead you can stay away from flu as you can’t stay away from the climate and you can’t stop climate change. As I already stated that people with low immunity system have high risk of getting flu as they can’t fight with bacteria. But if you can strengthen your immune system then you fight bacteria and can also withstand any kind of weather change.

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Here are few suggestions given by the Doctor. Paul: People should intake certain nutrient rich foods and should involve in various exercises. Vitamin C and zinc should be taken in the form of food or capsules which can fight bacteria and keeps infections away.

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