Meitu app is alleged for sending user data to China

mobile apps that steal data

Today everyone owns an Android smartphone in their hands and the Android smartphones will bring many great apps in the play store. There are some million apps in the Google play store. All the apps which we download will ask for certain permissions to grant access for media files, contacts, call registers, view SMS, location, Bluetooth and network connections. But some apps may use this information for various purposes like using data for other purposes and may also steal information and will handover to third parties.

Now the beautification app Meitu is said to be stealing information of the users and is sending to China. Meitu has many versions of apps and all these apps are stealing the personal info of the users. Meitu has users from all over the world and mainly from US and south Asia. It was reported that the app is instructing the users to send certain data to China. The meitu app is available in both Android and also in Apple which is used to add extra features to the pictures and make more attractive.

However it is common for all the apps asking permissions but they are limited and are not used for any backdoor purposes. But meitu has gone beyond these common permissions and requires access to jailbreak status, SIM card info, and personal identifiable information. The access to these features may lead to track the whereabouts of the users and also to track their devices all over the web. According to certain reports the app is also collecting the IMEI number of the devices of meitu app users and then with a intercepting technology they can clone the phone and intercept all the calls and SMS which are sent and received from the devices

Apps that steal your data

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Meitu app’s source code has a backdoor which can collect the entire information about the users. The experts and security researchers say that it is very harmful and destroys the user privacy and information. Meitu responded that they are not selling data to anyone but as it is a Chinese company, meitu has to follow the rules of Chinese jurisdiction. So it is not yet known that where the users information is going to.

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