Stephen Hawking fears he is not welcomed to US under Trump’s rule

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The famous theoretical physicist, Stephen Hawking made some ho comments on United States new president Donald Trump. Stephen said that “Donald Trump is always looking to satisfy his voters and he doesn’t care anything else. Donald Trump doesn’t know anything and he is not aware of what’s happening around the world. US may face several problems under Trump’s rule and they will get to know about in future”.

Stephen Hawking wanted visit United States as he loves America and Stephen wants to meet the scientists in United States. But he fears that he may not be welcomed to United States if Trump is the president. “I wanted to visit America and meet scientists over there but unfortunately I may not be invited to US” said by Stephen Hawking.

The US citizens thought that their old governments failed to support US people instead the governments preferred other countries people and voted for Donald Trump who hates other country people in United States. Donald Trump will do things only which will satisfy his voters and he won’t do nothing else than that. All Trump’s policies and rules are totally wrong – according to Stephen.

Stephen Hawking added “the environmental policies are frightening me as they lead to more disasters in the future. Climatic changes will affect America in a pretty bad way”. Stephen also opposed England leaving Brexit and he believes that European Union can have its impact on the world only when the European countries stay united. England will face certain problems in science field if it separates from the union.

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Stephen Hawking said that he loves to travel in outer space and this was his dream from many years. When Richard Branson said that he would allocate a seat for Stephen Hawking, he agreed instantly. This was his dream come true to visit the space. So very soon the famous Cosmologist, Stephen Hawking may travel to space in Virgin Galactic space ship.

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