Touch operated car window is developed by Ssang Yong

SSang Yong operated window system

How do you operate window system in your car? By pressing a button or by rotating a lever right? But this is old school because here comes an touch operated window system. This is a great innovation in the automobile industry which is improving day by day. All the automobile manufaturers are developing something new in the cars and now Ssang Yong joined them.

The Mahindra’s Ssang Yong researchers has taken the automobile technology to next level. They have developed the world’s first touch operated window system. This development may be small thing in a big car but is quite intresting. Even the top end cars in the world are not having touch operated window systems. Touch sensor are enabled only on the display screen monitor at center and touch sensor facility was limited ony to it. But the Ssang Yong has extended touch sensor facility even to the window system.

SSang Yong OS

Now there is no need to press a button or rotating the lever to operate window system. The automobile industry is developing new features with new innovations.  This new feature will be integrated in the upcoming dr. The South Korean car maker will introduce this new system by end of 2017 or at the beginning of 2018. This feature is not named officially by Ssang Yong but is being called as touch operated window system.

This is really awesome because you can just swipe the glass of the window with your hand. It is more like swiping an tablet or an smartphone. Swipe up to close the window and swipe down to open the window. You cantouch anywhere on the glass for swiping as the entire glass is touch-sensitive and that’s pretty cool. However earlier in 2015, Jaguar announced that it would come up with this touch enabled windows but it failed to keep its word and there are no news from jaguar regarding this technology.

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President of Ssang Yong, Choi Jong-Sik said “We will continue to develop more creative ideas and improve our innovative research for giving ultimate satisfaction to Ssang Yong customers”. So are you ready to swipe on windows? If yes, then hang on till the year end. Stay tuned to for more updates on Ssang Yong touch operative window system.

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