Sridevi fired on Rajamouli, criticized the ace Telugu director

Finally actress Sridevi opened up on rejecting Bahubali film. It was viral in social media and many netizens criticized Sridevi for her madness in rejecting Sivagami role in Bahubali. We all know how popular and powerful sivagami role was. Rajamouli earlier confessed that he was shocked when he met Sridevi for sivagami role.

He said that her demands was intolerant and Sridevi demanded whopping Rs 8 crore as remuneration and also share in Hindi version of Bahubali. Sridevi also demanded that she want five first class flight tickets whenevr she travels to Hyderabad and again for her return journey as well.

Rajamouli added that “she wanted a first class suite in the city’s finest hotel”. Rajamouli didn’t even turned back returned from the place. later he approached Ramya Krishna for the role and we all know what happened next. However, when Sridevi was promoting her film MOM in Hyderabad, she fired on Rajamouli for revealing her remuneration.

Sridevi said “I didn’t demanded that much amount and a film maker should never reveal the actor’s remuneration in public and i have worked with many film makers but none have revealed mu remuneration details. If I had demanded such kind of intolerant demands then i would not have done these many films”.

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