SpaceX super-computer in Space; what it can do?

SpaceX to launch super-computer to space

SpaceX to launch super-computer to space is now the trending topic. US space company SpaceX is launching a super-computer to International space station. The Falcon 9 rocket will carry the Dragon cargo ship to International space station. The weather conditions are mostly favorable for launching of the rocket into space.

This mission is the 12th trip for Space X into outer space and it has over $1.6 billion worth contract to supply the astronauts living in orbit over 20 such back-and-forth journeys. The supplies in the rocket weighs 6,400 pounds and also a SpaceX super-computer in Space which is made by Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), called The Spaceborne Computer.

As NASA is planning to send Astronauts to Mars, this space super computer will be tested for one year that it can work in harsh space conditions or not. Communications from Mars to earth delays and if this super computer works well then it can be helpful for Astronauts to communicate easily to earth.

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