Sony Xperia XZ 2 price and specifications: A massive 4K screen

Sony’s new Xperia XZ 2

Sony is all set to make a comeback with its new Xperia XZ 2 as it has already sent several invites for Mobile World congress (2017). Sony will launch the new flagship which is codenamed as ‘Yoshino’ and this will be next sequel of Sony Xperia XZ. The new model of Xperia has some quite amazing specifications than the Xperia XZ. Weibo has revealed some of the specifications of the new Xperia XZ 2.

We already know that Sony has released Xperia XZ back in September, 2016 and within a short span of 4 months Sony is all set to launch the new XZ 2 model. The new model of Xperia will have better specifications than the other models and another tweak is that it may come for lesser price than its predecessor Xperia XZ. To face the tuff competition from Samsung and Apple, Sony is striving hard to fight back in the smartphone market.

Xperia XZ 2, Sony

The main feature about Xperia XZ 2 is that it features a 4K (3840×2160) screen resolution which is a great move by Sony. Prior to Xperia XZ 2, Sony has already launched an Xperia Z5 with 4K screen resolution but it is quite expensive from Sony. But however the Xperia XZ 2 will be a bit cheaper than Z5 and even xperia XZ. The RAM of Xperia XZ 2 is upgraded than Xperia XZ, the new Xperia XZ 2 will feature a super-fast 4GB RAM.

Sony’s rivals are making a fast paced smartphones with 4GB and 6GB RAM’s and this is the reason which made Sony to implement a 4GB RAM. The Sony xperia XZ 2 will also feature a fingerprint scanner for the first time as all other smartphones are featuring a finger print scanner to enable more security for the device. This tells us that Sony is not looking for any loopholes for its new XZ 2 and Sony is integrating all the possible features which are now trending in the smartphone market.

 XZ 2

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Few Rumors circled around stating that XZ 2 may get a finger print scanner on home button which is implemented at sideward of the device. No other smartphone in the market has enabled this feature of implementing a finger print scanner on sideward of the device. Till now we have seen finger print scanners at front and backside of the smartphones. But for the first time, Sony is trying to place the finger print scanner on sideward. But in case if this is not possible then Sony will implement a finger print scanner at back side of the device. However we should wait till the XZ 2 is launched at Mobile World Congress in a few days. Stay tuned to for more updates about Sony Xperia XZ 2.

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