Sonarika Bhadoria was harassed for 8 months: Shocking facts

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TV actress Sonarika Bhadoria was harassed for almost eight months by a stalker. The unknown man irritated and harassed Sonarika Bhadoria continuously by sending offensive text messages and also by making phone calls. The TV actress got fame by her role as ‘Parvati’ in Devon ke Dev Mahadev serial. The serial is a super hit and got good popularity across the country.

According to reports, a unknown man of 23 years old somehow got Sonarika’s phone number and started sending disturbing messages and even made calls. When Sonarika switched off her mobile phone then the stranger started making phone calls to other family member phones. This issue has panicked Sonarika Bhadoria and finally lodged a complaint on the stalker in police station.

Sonarika said “I was panicked as his words seemed offensive and disturbing as well. I’ve tried blocking his phone number but he made calls from different phone numbers”. The Kurar police station assistant police inspector, Suryakant Kharat stated that “we have caught the man and he is in our custody. We caught him based on his mobile phone records”.

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The man was being investigating and he is just 23 years old. During the investigation the man said that he was in deep love with Sonarika Bhadoria and wanted to marry her. Police were investigating how he got Sonarika’s phone number. Well, this is an eye-opening incident for all the celebrities with their fans. But why didn’t Sonarika complained since eight months when she was being harassed by a stranger?

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