Your smartphone or system may be blocked if you see pornography: Should pay $300 to unlock

watching Porn banned

Millions of people around the world watch porn in their smartphone or I their systems, but a bad news for them. People who watch porn in their smartphones or in system may get their smartphones blocked and should pay $300 to unlock again. However this action is not legal yet and no country has taken such actions till now. But this is done by malware which affects your phone when you watch porn in online.

The Trojan.koler.A will use the geo locations of the users who view pornography and will block their phones by installing a malware in the smartphone. The malware is created within seconds in the affected smartphones and will disable all the features of the phone. The user cannot use any features of the phone until he pays a ransom of $300. There will be no use even if you switch off or restart your smartphone, the malware remains still in the phone unless you pay fine.


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It cannot be traceable where the payment is going because the payment is done only by using Paysafecard and uKash. The Koler.A malware is subjected to collect a whopping $5 million per year only from desktop users. Even the media files will be encrypted by this malware and you can’t access anything from your mobile. This malware will be automatically installed in the smartphones when people visit certain porn sites. This malware will not even ask for any permission, it will directly download in backdoor.

Users from more than 10 countries have been affected till now due to this malware. Some users paid money to unlock their mobiles again as they can’t lose their costly smartphones and the files in their mobile devices. To avoid this malware you should not download anything from third parties and should be alert when granting access for certain apps and extensions. Download apps only from the official Google play or else you may be the victim of this malware.

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