Sleep well with these natural foods


Can’t get sleep? Well this is the major problem in today’s generation of people. Many people can’t get sleep until late nights as it gets difficult to get sleep. It takes a while to sleep after lying on bed and this leads to various health problems. Yes, sleeping late nights will cause health disorders. But do not worry the researchers have found a simple way to get you a good sleep with certain natural foods.

Foods like garlic and onions will help to get sleep easily and naturally. The pre-biotic in onions and garlic will improve the sleeping conditions of the people. These two foods can also reduce stress easily. These pre-biotics in onions and garlic will help the healthy bacteria in your stomach and improves the healthy bacteria by reducing bad bacteria.

The researchers of Colorado University in United States have tested this aspect successfully on rats. They have given normal food to some rats and gave foods with pre-biotic to some rats. The experiment revealed that, the rats which ate pre-biotic food slept better than other rats. The stress levels have also been reduced in these rats. However more study on this has to be done, said by one of the researcher.

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Garlic is also good for your heart and it keeps various heart diseases at bay. You can have 2-3 garlic cloves every day. Include garlic in every dish which you prepare at home and also use onions accordingly.

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