Skoda new Vision E release date and specifications: Skoda’s electric car

Skoda’s electric car

Skoda has unveiled its new electric car and may debut in the upcoming Shanghai Motor show. The Czech car maker is all set to enter the electric car segment with autonomous technology. The pictures revealed by Skoda tell us that it is a coupe-SUV with 1.55m tall, 4.64m length and 1.91m wide. It has a massive wheelbase of 2.85m. This new classic sporty car may hit the roads by 2019.

Vision E comes with two electric motors which can deliver 225kW (300bhp). Skoda Vision E can hit a top speed of 180kmph. A 12-inch touchscreen is available inside for controlling various functions. It has a descent cabin space with comfortable seating adjustments. However there were rumors on many visions from Skoda like Visio C, Vision D and Vision S. The latest vision E may be called Aratan as recently Skoda had trademarked the name ‘Aratan’.

Skoda’s electric car

The battery is integrated under the flat door which is pretty cool and results in good cabin space. The new Skoda Aratan comes packed with lithium-ion battery. It has got slim and stylish LED tail lamps. The alloy wheel design is spectacular with an intensive design. There is also a wider and thin tail lamp at rear end of the car. As if you can see the picture, the roof is made mostly of a solid glass material.

Skoda’s electric car

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Skoda Aratan comes with four doors and a comfortable five seating capacity. Skoda is striving pretty hard to bring out at least five all-electric models by the end of 2025. A rapid shift over electric cars is the main reason towards it and who knows the future might be on all electric cars. However more features, specifications and price will be revealed at Shanghai Motor Show (SMS). Stay tuned to for more news on Skoda version E.

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