Six cities from India got place in worlds dynamic cities: Check out the cities from India.

dynamic cities india

The Indian metro cities have got prestigious representation in the world once again. The Indian cities have showed that they are nothing less than other cities in the world. Six cities from India has got place in the top 30 cities worldwide. The list of world’s dynamic cities will be presented in world financial meeting at Davos. This survey was conducted by world financial services organization JLL. This organization will release this list on the name of city Momentum Index (CMI).

The survey stated that these cities are developing rapidly and has a great network. These cities are functioning better than their nation’s economy. No matter how the nation economy was, but these cities are doing better than the nation. Even though there are political and financial crisis these cities are developing amazingly. These cities are customizing themselves according to the changes in the outside world and are functioning very actively which helped the major aspects in this survey.

This survey was conducted based on 42 aspects on 135 countries and made a final list of the dynamic countries. On these 42 aspects the survey was classified in to three divisions. In the three divisions, the first one is financial aspects which include National manufacturing capacity, population, Airway passengers, corporate offices and FDI. These aspects are given 40% importance for ranking of the cities. The second division is business and real estate which includes constructions, house rents, investments, standards in offices, small hotels. These aspects are given 30% importance for ranking the cities.

The third division is new innovative capacity and this includes network capacity, availability of power, environment. The policies for encouraging startups and patent rights were also considered and these aspects are given 30% importance. Out of 135 cities, 30 cities were selected from different countries in which six cities are from India. From China five cities were selected which made India rank higher number of cities than China. Bangalore from India stood at first place in the list of 30 dynamic cities while three cities from America are in top 10.

Here is the list of top 10 dynamic cities in the world:

        Rank           CITY   COUNTRY
 1 Bangalore India
2Ho Chi MinVietnam
3Silicon ValleyAmerica


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