Simple steps to make your lips pink and beautiful


Beautiful lips will always make your smile beautiful. So it’s equally important for us to take care of our lips. But in winter season our lips will usually get cracks which make our lips look ugly .So in winter season we have to take some extra care on our lips. Fallow these simple steps to make your lips beautiful.


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  • Apply milk cream on lips to make them Moisture in winter
  • Apply mixture of rose water and milk on lips to make them soft
  • To remove black colour on lips use the mixture of honey, glycerine and lemon juice and leave this for 20 minutes and raise it with water.
  • The mixture of gram flour, yogurt and lemon juice will make your lips smooth. Apply this past on your lips for 5 minutes and wash with water

Fallow this simple step at least twice in a week to make your lips pink and beautiful…..

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