Side effects after quitting smoking: Increases body weight

effects of stopping smoking

Well, getting habituated for smoking may not be difficult but leaving it is! Many people try pretty hard to quit smoking and few people face certain problems even after quitting cigarette. After quitting cigarette, within just one year people will increase weight up to 4-5 kilos. Some people may even increase their weight within 3 months also.

smoking effects to know

But there recent study reveals that the weight gain may be even more than expected. The main reason for this increasing weight is, eating more food after quitting cigarette. Scientists have studied the nicotine replacement therapy of people who quit smoking. They have found that within three months the people who quit smoking have increased 2.9 kgs while after a year they have gained 4.7 kgs. Here are few tips and guidelines suggested by experts.

Side effects after quitting smoking

Care what you intake

After quitting smoking, it is very important what you intake instead of nicotine. You should pay real attention to it or else you will have to pay the price. When you stop taking nicotine and eat plenty of food then you will put more weight. However this is not that bad as eating more food is better than nicotine but you need to be cautious on what you eat.

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Eat foods which have low-calories or no calories at all. This way you will not gain more weight and can also control your weight. Keep your mouth busy by eating something which will divert you from smoking. It is very difficult to forget about smoking and only thing which can help you is keeping your mouth busy and healthy. There are few snacks or foods with low-calories which you can consider for eating frequently.

  • Sweet potato
  • Sugar less chewing gums
  • Nuts and cereals
  • Sugar less chocolates
  • Fruits

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