Side effects of high intake of proteins

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The benefits of proteins are plenty. These are essential for the body to cope with illnesses, to protect bodybuilding from injury; Specially for weight loss and lean muscle to become thinner. We all know that proteins do good to body but not bad. But excess intake of proteins is harmful to your health, the experts suggest that too much proteins will harm us in different ways.

Kidney problems


According to a 2014 survey, kidney related diseases arise in the high protein diet for most days. The American Journal of Kidney also confirmed this. In particular, high levels of protein and carb diet have increased kidney problems in the body. Body energy uses carbohydrates instead of carbs, causing body balance to suffer and problems arise eventually.

Bad odor from Body

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The main problem is that it is a breathtaking breath. This is also a source of citrus growing in the body. This is one of the most problematic protein synthesis problems. More protein intake will generate ectrophoresis of the odor with bad smell. The only solution is to reduce the protein in a single solution diet.

Increase of weight

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As you follow a regular diet, you know that your diet is beyond the protein limit if the weight is rising, even if you have no socks and sweets in the junk. Naturally, weight loss is also caused by high protein diet, but over the dose, the overall weight increases. Extra calorie if taken more than necessary. So, the weight is going to rise.

Dehydration & low-body temperature

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Another major problem is that people with high protein diet and those who are taking more protein naturally need to observe body temperature and excessive thirst. The liver will work longer to convey proteins as amino acids. In fact, the acidity of the body in the body changes the body temperature. So, I suggest to take proteins in a limit to stay safe and healthy.

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