Shriya Bhupal & Allu Sirish in relationship: Akhil’s ex-girlfriend

Shriya Bhupal & Allu Sirish party photos

Whoa! What’s happening on this earth? This might be shocking but it’s real and you have to digest it! Few months back Akhil got engaged with his girlfriend Shriya Bhupal, granddaughter of business tycoon GVK. Everything was set for their marriage, guests and relatives were invited, marriage venue was fixed in Italy and even tickets were booked for travelling.

Suddenly everything changed, tickets got cancelled and marriage was also cancelled. All the guests received messages to cancel their tickets and drop their plans for attending marriage. Finally, the marriage of Akhil and Shriya Bhupal was cancelled and years of their relationship came to an end. Nagarjuna was in distress and so does the fans.

Shriya Bhupal & Allu Sirish unseen personal photos

Well what’s next for Akhil and Shriya Bhupal? Akhil is now busy in shooting for his second film with Vikram Kumar and Akhil slowly trying to forget Shriya Bhupal. But Shriya Bhupal flew to US. There were few rumors that Shriya Bhupal might marry a NRI. But recently some shocking and terrifying pics showed up in social media and on web. Shriya Bhupal is partying hard with Mega hero, Allu Sirish.

samantha family photo unseen

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Allu Sirish is the son of Allu Aravind and brother of Stylish Star Allu Arjun. Sirish and Shriya Bhupal were spotted together having fun. It’s a known fact that GVK family and Mega family shares a close bond since many years. So what’s going to happen next? Is Allu Sirish and Shriya Bhupal are just friends? But their closeness doesn’t seem like they were just friends. Let us wait and see till where this would lead to! Stay tuned to for more updates.

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