Shraddha Kapoor gives nickname for Prabhas!

Shraddha Kapoor about Prabhas

Shraddha Kapoor is the hottest beauty in Bollywood and she has got many fans across India. Coming to Prabhas, after Bahubali he became a national star and Bollywood celebrities praised Prabhas like anything. Recently, Shraddha Kapoor participated in #Ask Haseena program where she was opened to answer any questions and anyone around the world can shoot questions to Shraddha Kapoor and she promised to answer them all!

A fan asked to comment about Bahubali star Prabhas and Shraddha Kapoor gave Prabhas a nickname and it is “Blockbuster King”. Isn’t he! Prabhas has shattered the box-office records with Bahubali. Shraddha Kapoor is currently busy acting in ‘Haseena’ which is a biopic of Mumbai mafia don Dawood-Ibrahim’s sister Haseena parker who committed numerous crimes. Shraddha Kapoor shocked everyone with her rough look in ‘Haseena’.

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