The shocking benefits of drinking beer

Everyone says consumption of alcohol is injuries to health but do you know there are many benefits   of consuming beer…here are some of the useful advantages and benefits of having beer.

Are you suffering with diabetics, and then having two glasses of beer daily can help your body to decrease sugar levels.

Having beer twice in week can increase your blood pressure in the body.

Consuming beer can decrease risk of causing Heart attack.

Consuming beer can even protect us from some type of cancer cells.

Having two glasses of beer daily can make your bones stronger.

Drinking beer will give your body vitamin B and vitamin B 12.

Using beer we can also decrease size of kidney stones, how? Its simple just make a mixture of beer, olive oil and lemon juice and have 50 ml of this mixture daily in morning. This mixture can even decrease 15mm stones.

Note: Having alcohol in limit is always good. But excuses of having alcohol will be defiantly danger..!!

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