Shah Rukh Khan’s car hits photographer, ShahRukh rushed him to hospital: Exclusive pics

Shah Rukh Khan unseen drunk

Shah Rukh Khan is the king khan of Bollywood and he has millions of fans in worldwide. We all know how humble and kind hearted the actor is. This is the reason many fans love him and of course even Shah Rukh loves his fans too. But a tragedy incident took place yesterday night while Shah Rukh is on his way to an birthday event. Shah Rukh’s car has hit a photographer accidentally.

Shah Rukh Khan is on his way to Alia Bhatt’s house to wish the actress on her 24th birthday event. While Shah Rukh Khan reached the place, photographers rushed towards the car and one of them didn’t realized the speed of the car and came across the car to capture Shah Rukh Khan’s images. According to few reports, the photographer is a newbie and he got excited when he saw Bollywood Bhadshah.

Shah Rukh’s car ran over the photographer’s leg and the driver suddenly stopped the car. When the incident happened, Shah Rukh has got out of his car and ordered his bodyguards to take the photographer to the hospital. Boduguards rushed the photographer to nearby Nanavati hospital. Shah Rukh Khan promised that he would take care of entire medical bills.

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An eye-witness of the incident stated that “Shah Rukh Khan was polite and humble, he got out of his car and checked the condition of the photographer and asked not to panic. He told one of his bodyguards to admit the photographer in the hospital and also told to take care of all the hospital bills”. Shah Rukh Khan acted with Alia Bhatt in Dear Zindagi and this incident took place just near to Alia’s house.

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