Shah Rukh Khan may be the next wolverine: Hugh Jackman

Shah Rukh Khan with Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman is famous globally for his outstanding character, Wolverine. He started acting as Logan in the wolverine and the X-men series over a decade ago. Hugh’s last movie as wolverine would be the latest Logan movie. In this movie Logan will have a daughter, Dafne Keen and also the Professor X role will be played by Patrick who even started acting as professor X, since the series was began.

This will be the last time Hugh Jackman playing the role of Iconic character, Logan. In an interview, Jackman ststed that Bollywood star Shah Rukh can act as Logan in the future in case if any extension of the series comes out. He also stated that more people should take part in the Iconic characters just like Batman, Superman and even the spider-man.

Shah Rukh Khan with Hugh Jackman

If the number of different stars increase then the image of the Iconic character will also increase and the same should happen with Wolverine character. The unknown fact about the 48 year old actor, Hugh Jackman is he is a great cricket fan. Jackman was born in Australia and is looking forward to the India-Australia current test series. He even commented on the Indian Skipper, Virat Kohli.

Hugh Jackman unseen

Hugh Jackman said that he loves the Indian cricket team and especially the skipper, Virat Kohli. He stated that “Virat is an exceptional batsman and possess great skills. He is great at thinking out of the box. The best thing about the Indian cricket team is they respect and love their fans and I would take inspiration from them”.

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Jackman also opened up in acting for Bollywood. He stated that “nothing is stopping him and if right moment comes by then ill definitely act in Bollywood”. However, Jackman felt emotional, when he was watching movie in Berlin. He went emotional at the last five minutes as his role as Logan came to an end. We can’t see Hugh Jackman as wolverine in the future.

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