Seth Rollins vs Samoa Joe full match: WWE Payback

 WWE Payback full match

Finally Seth Rollins has got what he wanted! WWE main event payback took place in United States. Seth Rollins and Samoa Joe have got quite a rivalry since Triple H involved Samoa Joe against Seth Rollins. Samoa Joe has demolished Seth Rollins earlier and now it’s payback time.

Seth Rollins and Samoa Joe battled pretty hard in the ring to be victorious at payback. The two WWE super stars went on each other for very long and Seth Rollins has got his revenge on Samoa Joe. On Sunday, at WWE Payback main event Seth Rollins defeated Samoa Joe in a pretty interesting way.

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Seth Rollins tried his level best to defeat Samoa Joe but nothing worked out. On other hand Samoa Joe gave everything to Seth Rollins but he didn’t give up. At last Seth Rollins held Samoa Joe forcibly and won the match. This is a huge victory for Seth Rollins against the dangerous Samoa Joe.

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