Sehwag fires on foreign players, blames for Punjab loss

Sehwag on Aussies ipl players

Virendar Sehwag fired on foreign players for Kings XI Punjab loss in IPL 10th season. Sehwag blamed all the foreign players of Kings XI Punjab for not qualifying for playoffs. Sehwag was appointed as managing director of Kings XI Punjab and he is taking care of cricket related things of the team. Recently in the last match of Kings XI Punjab against Pune was a crucial one for Punjab and it is a must win game to qualify for playoffs.

But Punjab was all-out for just 73 runs which is the second least score in the season. Finally Punjab was out of the tournament after a disaster loss against Pune. In the press meet, sehwag fired on all the foreign players and commented on Punjab’s key players Maxwell, Morgan and Shaun marsh. He said that the foreign players were responsible for Kings XI Punjab loss in the match.

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After post match, Sehwag said “Kings XI Punjab failed to qualify for playoffs due to irresponsibility of the foreign players. I was disappointed by Punjab’s game and no foreign player took responsibility. In top 4, no one stood for 12-15 overs but all of them have failed to do so. They (foreign players) said that pitch was slow but international players should have ability to play on any kind pitch”.

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“Shaun Marsh, Maxwell and Morgan’s game has disappointed me to great extent. Shaun Marsh had responsibility to build a strong score by staying on crease for at least 10-12 overs. Maxwell and Morgan who were experienced players didn’t play to their level best. Maxwell also failed as a captain and South Africa player Hashim Amla leaving the team has affected us in a great way”.

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