Samsung’s owner Lee Kun-hee to get arrested: know the reasons

Samsung’s owner Lee Kun-hee

It seems like the chairman and the owner of Samsung is in big trouble. Samsung is one of the giants in the consumer electronics industry and it is offering its electronic products from decades. The South Korean company chairman who led Samsung to great position today is going to be arrested by the officials in the South Korea.  In unexpected situations the local officials in South Korea has requested the court for proceeding against Lee kun-hee.

There are complaints against Lee Kun-hee on various scams in South Korea. There are also rumors that the South Korean president park Jin hei is also involved in this scam. The officials may also interrogate the president of South Korea. The son of Lee Kun-hee, Lee Je-yaang who is the vice chairman of Samsung electronics is already being interrogated by the officials. There are cases against the both father and son on bribery, spoiling the funds and false promises.

To arrest the both father Lee Kun-hee and son Lee je-yaang, the officials have requested the court for permission to proceed. There are few more top executives who are involved in these scams but the officials haven’t asked for the permission of the court as they first want to proceed on chairman and vice chairman. If this proves to be true then the Samsung chairman will face horrible situations and it will leave a bad name for Samsung. The interrogation is still going on and will arrest chairman if he was proved for committing the scams.

Choi soon-sill who is very close to the South Korean first ever women president park jin-hei has accepted money from Samsung chairman. Now the president of South Korea is in trouble due to these scams and she is already punished in parliament once. According to Shim jang thaik “Le family are always anti for government rules and regulations. They committed many crimes and illegal activities in the country, the interrogation will prove them as criminals and many South Korean people also wanted this to be happened”.


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