Samsung Chromebook pro and Chromebook plus price and reviews

samsung Chromebook Pro

Samsung with partnering Google has unveiled a new generation of chromebooks. Samsung has unveiled Chromebook pro and chromebook plus. These laptops are the latest and magnifying laptops of Samsung. The using experience of these laptops will be just like using a tablet. Samsung has unveiled chromebook pro and chromebook plus at Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2017. These two laptops will definitely catch the eye of the customers worldwide.

These Chromebooks pro and plus will surely give a tuff competition for Microsoft Surface pro laptops. However the chromebook pro and plus are quite similar. Pro and plus are not having any differences, the two laptops have similar specifications except with the processor. Chromebook pro runs an Intel Core m3 while Chromebook plus runs with OP1 Hexa-core ARM processor. The chromebooks pro and plus share all the similar specifications but however the more specifications are to be revealed soon.

These chromebooks can be used by stylus and it is much easier and comfortable to use. The chromebook pro and plus are developed by adding Google keep feature which makes theselaptops much better. The chromebook laptops are very comfortable to use in our daily lives. The chromebooks have high-resolution screen which increases the user experience to a great extent. The chromebooks pro and plus have a built-in pen which makes the usage a lot easier.

The chromebooks pro and plus have a very slim design with a stylish look. It is a touch sensitive laptop with 360 degree rotation with which you can use a laptop as a tablet and as notebook. This slim laptop fits easily in your bag and it doesn’t occupy much space in the bag. You can carry this laptop anywhere and it is very easy and comfortable to carry it in your hands as it is very light weighted laptop. You can use this chrombook anywhere even while travelling in a bus. You can enjoy Android apps in this laptop and can play games and many more. The only disadvantage when compared to Microsoft laptop is that chromebook screen is un-detachable while Microsoft laptop supports an detachable screen.

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The main advantage for these Chromebooks is that it is available for great price when compared to Microsoft Surface pro and iPad pro versions. The Chromebook plus will be available at a price of $449.99. This is the best laptop at this price and proves to be better than Surface pro and iPad pro. This laptop will surely win the hearts of laptop lovers and is a must own laptop.

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