Samsung Galaxy S8 DeX Station price and what can you do with DeX Station

Dex station samsung

After the launch of Samsung Galaxy S8, the South Korean giant also announced a new Samsung DeX station which will support the Samsung’s new S8 smartphone series. The new DeX station will give you a desktop experience with Samsung S8 mobile. The DeX station will not come along with Samsung S8 smartphone and you have to purchase it separately.

This is just like Moto Mods which are to be purchased separately. When Samsung launched the S8 smartphone it has announced the DeX station but hasn’t revealed the price but now it has announced the official price of DeX Station and it is not available at a price you are expecting! It is priced at $150 (Almost Rs 9,700). This new DeX station from Samsung has multiple ports for connecting the device.

Samsung Galaxy S8 DeX Station

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The main purpose of this DeX station is to give you a desktop PC experience with your smartphone. You can connect to any kind of monitor with DeX station and you can also connect a mouse and keyboard. Operate your smartphone with the help of mouse and keyboard. You can also connect an Ethernet cable for more productivity. This new DeX station will be added advantage for Samsung S8.

Samsung Galaxy S8 DeX Station

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The best thing about the DeX is it has an internal fan for cooling down the DeX station when used for a long time. This also keeps your smartphone cool and prevents from heating. This is the first ever DeX station from Samsung and this will surely impact the smartphone market as there are no DeX kind of docks which gives PC expperinec with smartphone.

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