Samir Singh Marathon run for 10,000 kms; Reasons are shocking!

Sameer Singh Marathon run for 10,000 km

In one day how many kilometers can you run? Hardly 5 and maximum 10km right? But this incredible marathon runner has ran for almost 10,000 kms in 100 days continuously. Samir Singh Marathon run for 10,000 kms has shocked the entire nation. Samir Singh has taken unbelievable decision which will remain as a dream for many people.

Samir Singh has kept a spectacular mission which will remain as most memorable one in his life. However, Samir Singh gave up just before 36 kms from the destination. Samir Singh ran for 9,964 kilometers. He kept a target of 100km per day and he did the same for 100 days without taking any rest. Samir Singh who ran 10,000 kms in 100 dys faced several health problems.

He says that he did this to prove that if we think we can do it then we can definitely do it with hard work. There are no limits for human body. Samir Singh has inspired many marathon runners with his memorable record for running 10,000 kms in 100 days.

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