Salman Khan compensates Tubelight’s distributors; How much?

Salman Khan compensates Tubelight's distributors

We all know that¬†Salman Khan’s Tubelight didn’t attracted audience and has got negative response right from the release of the film. Tubelight movie has remained as one of the biggest disasters in Salman’s career. Salman Khan’s Tubelight managed to get Rs 64.77 crores in first weekend which is the lowest Eid first weekend grosser in 4 years.¬†Salman Khan compensates Tubelight’s distributors for their losses.

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Earlier, Salman Khan’s father Salim Khan announced “I know meri bete ka film acha nai chala. I will tell my COO to look after the distributors”. Few people said that its just an fairy tale but now officially Salman Khan compensates Tubelight’s distributors with Rs 32 crores and tells us actual meaning of ‘Being human’.

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