Sachin’s daughter Sara Tendulkar dating Anant Ambani?

Sachin’s daughter Sara Tendulkar loves Anant Ambani

Indian cricket god Sachin Tendulkar is getting ready for his biopic ‘A Billion dreams’ and the film is all set for release. Well, Sachin’s daughter Sara Tendulkar is no hidden identity and she has earned good fan base in social media. Being a celebrity daughter, Sara has the attention of media not only because she is daughter of Sachin but also for her beauty.

Sara Tendulkar is a well-known face to everyone and she looks damn gorgeous. Everything about Sara goes viral in social media and now a new rumor is spreading faster than virus. According to latest buzz, sara Tendulkar is in love relationship and she is dating non-other than India’s richest man Mukesh Ambani’s son Anant Ambani.

Tendulkar’s daughter Sara Tendulkar

Anant Ambani also has good fame being the India’s richest man son and the heir of Reliance industries. Anant Ambani came in to news with his over-weight body. But he inspired many people who are suffering with over-weight. Anant Ambani shred almost 108kilos in just 18 months without any artificial treatment.

Anant worked hard to shred his weight and now he became one of the most desirable bachelor in the country. Now, Sara Tendulkar and Anant Ambani are dating each other for a while as they were spotted in few occasions together. However, Ambani’s and tendulkar’s have a close relationship and they are family friends. Sara and Anant would not have any problems in convincing their parents.

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Why would sachin oppose when her daughter is marrying the son of India’s richest man? And why would Ambani oppose Anant marrying the daughter of India’s cricket god sachin who is even famous than Mukesh Ambani. However, there is no official confirmation from any of the family members. Stay tuned to for more updates on Sara’s love with Anant.

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