Rs 100 crore, 20Kg Gold seized from AP director

 AP director Suresh Babu

A big shocker to Andhra Pradesh people, corruption of AP officials has come to limelight once again. It’s an open secret and well known to the public that government officials demand for bribes and they have loads of black boney. But, none have thought that the AP officials can have Rs 100 crore and 20Kg gold with them. However, this is not the total amount that was seized by ACB.

ACB stated that more black money can be there with this AP official. It is none other than AP additional director Suresh Babu. He was arrested by ACB and all his black money and gold was seized too. He made this huge amount by taking bribes from industrialists for approving permissions for project approvals.

Suresh babu’s crime came to limelight when few industrialists complained to ACB that he is demanding for bribes. ACB has kept an eye on Suresh babu and after knowing about his corruption ACB conducted raids on his house and few other places in Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Kurnool and few other places. ACB found more than Rs100 crore worth illegal assets and ACB seized them all.

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Gold ornaments and huge amount of liquid cash was also seized by Anti-Corruption Bureau. This has shocked everyone as in the first quarter of the year 2017, many government officials were caught having loads of black money and the corruption rate in government is shown openly to the public.

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