Royal Enfield Green Fly Classic 500 launched: A fierce classic 500

Royal Enfield Green

Love Royal Enfield? Well here is an new classic 500 green fly which is ready to join the the Enfield hood. Royal Enfoeld is famous for its astonishing bikes and these Enfields will rule the roads and surely catches the eye of people surrounding. A custom carbon-shot kit is designed at pune based on classic 500. This new model from Royal Enfield is a single-seater bike.

This new single-seater bike from Enfield is inspired from dirty duck and Mo’pawa which were showcased in France last year. As the color of bike is green, it is named as green fly and this is an perfect off-road bike. Many new modifications can be made easily for the new greenfly. The classic 500 greenfly is built with a strong body metal.

 fierce classic 500

The Enfield greenfly comes with busty tires with 150 section at rear and 140 section at front. Classic 500 greenfly is truly an off-road bike. The Royal Enfield greenfly classic 500 is featured with dual disc brake. It has got disc brakes at front and also at rear. The greenfly is mixed with green and black colors which made the bike to look more stylish and sporty. The seat is placed just before the rear wheel which appears with a black color.

Royal Enfield

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The alloy wheels, fuel tank and the suspension is colored with green color while the engine, exhaust pipe and the remaining body with black color. The silencer is too short that it didn’t even reached the back tire. A green ornamental plate is integrated with the headlamps. The greenfly classic 500 sports dual headlamps at front but the real question comes with the registration plates. Yes, where does the number plates fit in the vehicle?

Royal Enfield bikes

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This design is truly great but fitting the number plates is really difficult for the bike owner as there is no possible chance of placing number plates at rear or even at front. For this aspect the company may make certain adjustments at front and at rear for the number plates. However the price of the Royal Enfield greenfly is not yet announced. The company may release this off-road bike in the two-wheeler market very soon.

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