Royal Enfield to buy Ducati brand: Things to know

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Royal Enfield is the pride of Indian bike riders and it has a nationwide craze. Royal Enfield is also having good market even in foreign countries. The Indian bike maker is now looking forward to buy premium bike brand Ducati. Ducati is one of the world class bikes and it has good customer base across the globe. The Italian bike maker has made some high-end bikes with great performance.

This iconic brand could soon become an Indian company as Royal Enfield is trying to but this iconic brand which is owned by Volkswagen. Well the company has kept Ducati for sale and it is being purchased by an Indian company. Volkswagen which got a huge blow due to emission scandal and it has pulled thousands of vehicles which had emission problems.

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Volkswagen has taken the help of investment banking boutique Evercore to keep Ducati for sale and also to look after the sale of Ducati. Ducati could get some hefty amount of $1.5 billion euros which is around Rs 10,500 crores. Royal Enfield is the iconic brand of India and it is developing in foreign markets like North America, Asia and European countries.

Royal Enfield is the sub-brand of Eicher motors and the company is trying to make the Royal Enfield a global leader in middle-engine segment. Royal Enfield and Ducati are in talks and are making possible preparations for acquisition. Ducati is having beasty bikes with engine capacity ranging from 800cc to 1200cc which is keenly missing in Royal Enfield.

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Ducati is also running good on sales as in the last year of 2016 it has got good sales with 593 million Euros (Approx. Rs 4,196 crore). Ducati sold over 55,451 units in 2016 at 1.2% growth rate. On other hand, Royal Enfield is having the best period as it sales have reached record number of 6.66 lakh units with 31% sales growth. With this acquisition of Ducati, the Indian company is looking forward to improve technology prowess, branding and also a good network in developed markets.

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