The Rousing life style of Harshvardhan Rane


inspiring story of harsha

Early life

Harshavardhan rane was born on Dec 16, 1983(age 32) at Rajahmundry of Andhra Pradesh. Harshavardhan rane was brought up in Gwalior of Madhya Pradesh. At the age of 16 Harshavardhan Rane left his house. And started working in a telephone booth in Delhi for his daily living. Later, Harshavardhan rane started working in a DVD shop to distribute DVDs around Delhi.


First Break

Harshvardhan rane got a chance to play a role in the TV show called Left Right Left in Sab TV channel. Harshavardhan rane played Cadet Rummy Gaur role in the second season of the show. Soon after the show Rane joined in Barry John acting school. Harshavardhan Rane life took a major turn after entering in to a wrong day harshavardhan rane took appointment to meet Bollywood filmmaker Abbas Tyrewala , but unfortunately he  entered in to a wrong room. Where auditions are going on for a Telugu movie then director of the movie asked harsha to give an audition if you are interested. Later producer of the movie, Bharat Thakur, conformed harshavardhan  rane as alead role in the movie.


Harshavardhan Rane’s first feature movie, Thakita Thakita, was an average movie at the box office.


Life after Thakita Thakita

Even though movie was moderately ok at the box office harshavardhan rane did not got any further movie offers. Harshavardhan  rane slowly got shortage of money then Harsha purchased  old furniture from a furniture shop near Nampally  railway station in Hyderabad and sold them after re modelling. Harsha has even painted some restaurants for money in Hyderbad. Later he got a chance to work on a horror movie under the direction of Ravi babu.


Film career

Harshavardhan Rane the Indian film actor. Harsha did his debut in a Telugu film called Thakita-Thakita in the year 2010.Later he did couple of Tollywood movies called Avunu, Naa Ishtam, Prema Ishq Kaadhal, Anaamika, Geethanjali, Maaya, Brother of Bommali, Avunu 2. Harshavardhan  rane also did romantic movie in Bollywood called Sanam Teri Kasam and he also doing a movie called Satra Ko Shaadi Hain which is in post-production stage



Life Style

Harshavardhan rane likes to go for a long drives on his 4 x 4 jeep.Harsha named his jeep as a Django. Harsha loves to drive his Django on unexplored terrains. Harsha simply love Rishikesh very much… After his every movie release harsh fly to Rishikesh for refreshment. Photography and doing graffiti on his walls are another passion that he does during his free time and on long drives.

Charity for a cause


Harshavardhan rane adopted a 7 years old girl who lost her parents due to HIV. To fund her education harsha started a garage sale – shirt off where he auctions all his cloths from his last movie. This shows  how kind harshavardhan rane is……


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